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Apparatus brings secure, scaled, functionality to Bitcoin. 

Unlimited Scale and Functionality

Lightning Compatibility

Support for bridging Bitcoin in and out through Lightning nodes with short peg times moving Bitcoin in/out in less than one hour.

Open Validation

Transaction validation and Bitcoin pegging done by an open and trustless set of validators.

UTxO Native

Full compatibility with Bitcoin architecture without complex transaction layers.

RBG, Taproot, Ordinals and more

Compatibility with RGB smart contracts and bridging capabilities for Taproot assets. Mint and move Ordinals between Bitcoin & adjacent L2s.

Cutting-edge Web3 tools, only easier.

A Bitcoin Layer 2 designed to enable a new, more functionality, at incredible throughput and protocol compliance.

Intelligent Solutions, Infinite Possibilities

Apparatus is a network built with makret evolution in mind. 

Future Proof

Our digital asset model can support fungible, non-fungible, and semi-fungible tokens, all defined without smart contracts, unlocking novel uses for developers and future-proofing against new use cases.

Dev-Friendly by Design

Say goodbye to learning new languages and complex smart contracts – build on Apparatus in your preferred language with simple API calls.

Fully Bitcoin Compliant

No more walled gardens – Apparatus is built to connect the Bitcoin economy across ecosystems, making it the future-proof home for your next project.

Apparatus unlocks functionality for Bitcoin, expanding beyond client-side protocols like RGB, Ordinals, and Taproot.

Developers access the same functionality as existing in Bitcoin standards with lower fees, higher throughput, and faster finality.

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Unlimited Scale and Functionality on Bitcoin





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